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Paying Taxes Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures For Paying Taxes
Town and County Collection:

Full payment is due by January 31st, 1% penalty due if paid in February, 2% penalty due if paid in March. There is also an option of paying in four equal payments which include a 5% service charge. The first payment is due by January 15th to the Town Clerk. The next three payments - (April 15th, July 15th and October 15th) are due to the Commissioner of Finance Office.

Commissioner of Finance Office

The Robert Yeager Health Center
50 Sanatorium Rd. Bldg A
8th Floor Room #810
Pomona, NY 10970
Phone: (845)364-3870

If any of these payments are late, the installment payment agreement will become void. The remainder of the taxes will have 5% more added to the amount and they will become due immediately or will be known as delinquent.

School Taxes:

School Taxes are collected in full payment only and are due by Sept. 30th. Payments can be made in Oct. with an additional 5% penalty. If school taxes are not paid, they are relevied on the Town and County bill at 7% penalty. In this case, the Town and County bill becomes one with the school relevy added to it. This can be split in four payments as stated above.

General Information:

I have never received my bill, or received it late; do I still have to pay the penalty?

Yes, the failure to mail a statement or the failure of a property owner to receive a statement will not affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law (New York State Real Property Law 922). In addition, neither the Town Clerk nor any other official has legal authority to waive statutory penalty charges. These are fixed by the Real Property Tax Law. As all records are audited by State examiners, there is absolutely no discretion in this matter. The Constitution and the Law of State mandates the procedure.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to know that taxes are due. If you do not receive a bill the first week of January (Town and County Taxes) and the first week of September (School Taxes) please call our office immediately and we will issue a duplicate bill.

If I mail my payment on the due date do I have to pay a penalty?

In order to avoid any possibility of delay by mail, we suggest that if payment is to be made within the last few days of the month in which due, make certain that you witness a TIMELY OFFICIAL UNITED STATES POSTMARK being affixed to the envelope. Meter marks are not acceptable.

New York State Law provides that a municipality cannot waive penalties on Real Estate Taxes received after the due date for any reason.