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2009 Final Comprehensive Plan Implementation

Implementation of the 2009 Town of Clarkstown Comprehensive Plan

Shortly after adopting the 2009 Comprehensive Plan in November 2009, the Town Board re-established the Comprehensive Plan Special Board to assist in the implementation of the goals and objectives of the plan. The Special Board developed a process for recommending specific actions to the Town Board that will accomplish the goals and objectives of the Plan. The Special Board first regrouped the goals and objectives and established corresponding Implementation Committees, each chaired by a member of the Special Board, as follows:

  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Community Character/Design
  • Environmental
  • Recreation & Parks
  • Historic & Cultural Resources

The members of these Committees were drawn from the original Comprehensive Plan Sub-Committees and tasked with working with the Town's land use boards and other special committees and task forces to propose implementation measures to the Special Board. To aid the Special Board and the Committees in developing and evaluating implementation measures, the Board also established three Support Committees:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Legislation
  • Mapping

Initiation of State Route Corridor Studies
Furthering several Goals and Objectives, the Comprehensive Plan called for a zoning analysis along the Town's State Route corridors: Routes 303, 304, 9W and 59. The consulting firm which conducted the transportation analysis for the Comprehensive Plan, Cambridge Systematics, was retained to conduct these studies. Cambridge completed the existing conditions analysis of all of the Town's State corridors and is currently working on drafting the recommendations for zoning along Route 9W. Cambridge Systematics also provided some technical support to the Transportation Committee, but essentially worked directly with the Special Board.

Organization of Committees and Prioritization of Goals and Objectives
The first task of the Committees was to determine the general implementation methodology that would be needed to accomplish each goal and objective, namely: zoning text amendments, general code amendments, changes to the Town's environmental review process, development of map resources, changes to the zoning map or official map, new administrative policies or procedures or the expenditure of funds on capital projects. Given the varying types and levels of specificity of the goals and objectives, each Committee developed their own unique method for tackling their goals and objectives. The chair of each Committee was given the discretion to find members who, due to their expertise or interest, would be best suited to developing projects for the Special Board's consideration. The Committee was also free to organize and prioritize its goals and objectives in whatever manner the Committee thought most efficient.

Meetings and Workshops
The Comprehensive Plan Special Board and its Committees will be holding public meetings and workshops to introduce residents to some of the proposed implementation measures. Please monitor the section below for meeting notices and notes.

Hamlet Area Workshops:
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM




Congers Housing Forum

November 30, 2010

Town Hall

Congers Housing Forum Survey




New City Housing Forum

January 20, 2010

Town Hall

Hamlet/Corridor Study Workshops:




Nanuet Hamlet Center and Route 59 Workshop May 9 & 18, 2013 Nanuet High School

Nanuet Hamlet Center and Route 59 Conceptual Zoning Presentation

November 20, 2013

Nanuet High School

Nanuet Hamlet Center and Route 59 Presentation

Nanuet Hamlet Center Workshop Summary

Route 59 Nanuet Workshop Summary

Nanuet Hamlet Center and Route 59 Concepts and Visioning Presentation

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