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Swimming Facility Rules and Regulations

All participants in the Pool are expected to behave in such a manner as not to disturb others using the pool. Please adhere to the following rules and regulations in and around the pool:
  • Admission only on presentation of official I.D. Card and payment of designated fee each person must display his/her own pass for inspection. Illegally used passes WILL be confiscated. Re-entry to pool will be determined by hand stamp.

  • The number of persons permitted in pool area is regulated by the Health Department. The capacity of each facility is posted and admission will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Patrons must park according to attendant’s instructions. Parking will be permitted on park grounds to limit of existing parking facilities.

  • Guest must enter with member. (NO guests allowed for Summer 2020)

  • Violence or rough play towards staff or other participants will not be tolerated.

  • Name-calling, or racial insults, or negative or verbal insults, or abusive language, or foul language, or swearing will not be tolerated.
  • Spitting, smoking, tobacco products, and vaping are not tolerated in the pool area.

  • Malicious destruction or stealing of property or other personal property will not be tolerated. (Parents/caregivers will be responsible for replacing any property that their child(ren) may destroy and/or steals).

  • No weapons and/or firearms are permitted.

  • No glass containers in pool area.

  • No drugs in parks.

  • Proper swimming attire is required at all times. Cut-off or rolled-up pants not permitted for swimming.

  • The Commission reserves the right to close the grounds for cause (i.e. inclement weather, utility failure, etc.), with no refund or rain checks to persons paying daily admission or guest admission. In the event of facility closure, a hand stamp will admit attendees to an alternate facility.

  • Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult who will assume full responsibility for the child’s safety.

  • Wading areas restricted to children 7 years old and under, and their parents. Children under 6 must be accompanied to bathhouse by an adult.

  • Swimming and diving permitted in designated areas only.

  • Health Department rules for sanitation and safety must be observed by every patron. Infants in diaper/pull-ups not permitted in pools. Approved swim diapers will be permitted in kiddie pools only, i.e. Congers Wading Pool, or the Germonds Wading Pool. Approved swim diapers are permissible at Lake Nanuet in the zero depth entrance area only.

  • Persons with physical disorders such as skin lesions, inflamed eyes, nose, mouth, or ear discharges, or bandages, may not swim.

  • All recreation, park, and swimming staff are required to strictly enforce the regulations. These rules and hours of operation will be amended or supplemented as necessary for the safety and welfare or patrons. Violators are subject to suspension of privileges. Any questions regarding these rules and regulations or use of the facility should be directed to the head lifeguard at each location.