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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

June 16, 2010





(New City, NY) - Wayne T. Ballard, P. E., C.S.P. Clarkstown’s Highway Superintendent will be honored as the Government Engineer of the Year on June 16, 2010 during the annual dinner of the Rockland County Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers.   Superintendent Ballard is being recognized by his peers for the engineering and creative efforts he brings to the Clarkstown Highway Department and local government. 


“The Town Board and I congratulate Wayne and recognize the valuable knowledge and management skills he has brought to the Town of Clarkstown since taking office in 1998,” said Supervisor Alex Gromack.  “Wayne has streamlined the highway department to run more efficiently with less staff while maintaining a high level of service to our community.” 


The following are some of Superintendent Ballard’s accomplishments:

·         The Highway staff reduced from 98 to 84 employees over the years through retirement.  This reduction in staff has saved over one million dollars in salaries.   The same level of services is still maintained with fewer people.

·         Equipment is now purchased that will perform more efficiently and be more environmentally sensitive.

·         The Highway facility was determined a “spill” site by the NYS DEC due to neglect by the prior administration.  Through Wayne’s management skills and the use of training, good housekeeping policies and redesign of the fuel dispensing system and maintenance the facility site was de-listed. 

·         Construction of roads and drainage systems are set to higher standards, ensuring that both will better withstand the test of time.

·         State and Federal funding opportunities are regularly sought and secured to help offset costs and save local taxpayers in the millions. 

·         Works to maintain no cost services to benefit the Town.  Keep Rockland Beautiful works with Highway to establish clean up sites for volunteers.  Highway forwards a list weekly for the Sheriff’s Department Community Patrol Unit to clean up roads and public places.

·         Technology upgrades in the office were installed to track each job from origination to completion for better customer service. 


One of Superintendent Ballard’s major accomplishments was the installation of the salt brine system used to pre-treat the roads during the winter making was a liability is now a snow-fighting asset.  Salt brine is made throughout the year from stormwater run off that would otherwise seep into the ground or flow into the drainage system in and around the highway facility salt dome and highway garage.  This rain water and salt residue is stored in large tanks and a concentration or salt brine is produced and loaded on to trucks that dispense the solution on to the roads prior to a snow or ice storm.  This salt brine is very inexpensive to produce and sticks to the surface of the road more so than road salt that tends to blow off to the sides of the road.  Salt brine saves money on salt use and brine can be applied during a normal work day reducing the need for overtime.


“I am proud of Wayne for his innovative initiatives in our Highway Department and am pleased that the Rockland County Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers is honoring him with the Engineer of the Year Award,” said Supervisor Gromack. 


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