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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

July 20, 2009


Supervisor Gromack Requests County and State Join

Town’s Efforts to Remove Double Utility Poles in Clarkstown

Poles Continue to be Unsightful and Unsafe


(New City, NY) - Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack is requesting Rockland County and the State of New York follow the lead of the Town of Clarkstown and develop a plan of action with utility companies, including Orange and Rockland, Cablevision, and Verizon, to eliminate double, wood utility poles in the Town on County and State roads.


Supervisor Gromack sent letters to Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef and Region 8 Director of the NYS Department of Transportation, Joan Dupont requesting the creation and implementation of a plan to eradicate these aesthetically unappealing and often unsafe poles. 


The three utility companies serving Clarkstown entered into an agreement wherein Orange and Rockland Utilities agreed to install new poles.  The electric company must then move their service from the old pole to the new pole and cut off the top of the old pole.  Cablevision agreed to then move their service from the old pole to the new pole followed by Verizon.  Verizon agreed to undertake the responsibility for removing the old pole and disposing of it appropriately.


In early 2008, the Town of Clarkstown embarked on a campaign to rid the landscape of old utility poles left in the ground next to newly-installed utility poles; after the Town found many old poles being held up by unsecured ropes, while others were left dangling or with jagged edges protruding onto sidewalks. 


A town-wide survey conducted by town employees identified 520 double wood utility poles located on Town, County, and State owned roads.  To date, over 200 poles on Town roads have been removed with a commitment from the utility companies to remove an additional 128 poles on Town roads by August 2009.  The remaining poles are on State and County roads.


“I am calling on the State and County to join the initiative I started two years ago, to engage in the willingness of the utility companies as good corporate citizens, and to request the removal of the poles on State and County roads in Clarkstown,” said Supervisor Gromack.  “In doing so, the County and State would be participating in a program that I know will make Clarkstown safer and more beautiful for our residents and businesses.” 


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