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For Immediate Release


For Immediate Release

June 11, 2009                                                                     



Supervisor Alex Gromack Demands Further Concessions by NYSTA to Mitigate Resident Concerns About the NYSTA Mountainview Avenue Bridge Project


(New City, New York) - After months of continued discussion with members of the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA), Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack told a group of more than 100 people at a community meeting that the Thruway Authority is making adjustments to their Mountainview Avenue Bridge Project that will make it easier and safer for residents to get around but that the fight to ameliorate residents concerns is not over. 


The Supervisor requested Town, County and State officials, including a representative of the NYSTA, to meet residents at the Mountainview Condos Tuesday night to reassure them of his offices efforts to minimize the disruption they would experience as the Thruway Authority prepares to close the bridge on Mountainview Avenue in Valley Cottage.


“Originally this project was going to force the residents of Mountainview Avenue to completely change the direction they traveled and the time they traveled for up to two months,” said Supervisor Gromack.  “We heard from residents of the Mountainview Condominiums, local businesses, the Tappan Zee Manor Assisted Living Community and other area residents, and understood their concern.  Today, I am glad to announce many changes in the Authority’s plan that my office fought for that will alleviate much of their concerns though we will continue negotiating further to find solutions to other concerns raised tonight.  We will not end our advocacy on resident’s behalf.”


As a result of Supervisor Gromack’s staunch advocacy, the Thruway Authority has agreed to the following:

  • The bridge anticipated closure time is now four (4) weeks rather than the full July 1 - September 1 (8 weeks) original timeframe; and
  • A New York State Trooper will be stationed at the intersection of Mountainview Avenue and Christian Herald Road for a minimum of one week, but potentially the entire time of the closure, to assist commuters with the detour at the cost of the Authority.  The Town of Clarkstown will participate in deciding whether or not the State Trooper is necessary at the intersection for the duration of the project. The Authority will take into consideration the traffic volume at that intersection as part of the need for the State Trooper remaining on site; and
  • A pedestrian walkway will remain open and available during the entirety of the project allowing for employees of both the Tappan Zee Manor and area businesses to continue to be able to get to work from the Route 59 public transportation corridor.  The Town’s Mini Trans will reroute their buses and pick up and discharge passengers at the intersection of Mountainview Avenue and Route 59; and
  • Meetings with emergency services were had in early April to ensure ambulance service would not be disrupted in the area; a meeting with fire departments in the area will also ensure that all services to the residents of the area are maintained without disruption; and
  • Traffic notification signs will be used to notify residents and others of the project.


“The presence of the State Trooper will alleviate the traffic congestion many residents in the Valley Cottage area feared,” said Supervisor Gromack.  “Still we have at least one other intersection the Thruway must address, particularly the six corners at Route 303 and Lake Road.”


Supervisor Gromack, Superintendent of Highways Wayne Ballard and Police Chief Peter Noonan still raised other concerns that have not yet been approved by the NYSTA including:

  • Improved traffic lights at key locations and intersections along the detour particularly Storms Road and Rt. 303; and
  • Rehab of the sidewalks going over the Mountainview Avenue Bridge; and
  • Signage to discourage commuters from traveling on Mountainview Avenue at key areas including southbound Rt. 303 at Lake Road and southbound on Rt. 9W at Rockland Lake; and
  • Review of the Thruway Authority’s Traffic Study.


Supervisor Gromack is calling on Senator Tom Morahan and Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski to further assist in getting the NYSTA to implement these items as part of the project.  “I call on the State to find the necessary funding to apply these additional measures for the safety of all Rockland County residents in this highly traversed corridor.”    


Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard, who has been monitoring this project from the start, said, “My office has toured the project area with the Thruway Authority to suggest placement for detour signs and attended pre-construction meetings.  While we appreciate their implementation of some of our suggestions to the project, the Thruway Authority needs to listen to our residents, find the funding, and really do this project more effectively and safer.” 


“Although we are not the traffic engineers for this project, Clarkstown residents can rest assured that the Clarkstown Police will continue to scrutinize the Thruway Authority’s plans for this project and will continue to demand changes that are necessary for the safety of our residents,” said Chief Peter Noonan. 


The Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Management has met with the ambulance corps and paramedics to discuss coverage in the event of an emergency during the bridge closure.  The County also has an upcoming meeting planned with the Valley Cottage and Central Nyack Fire Departments.  “We will all continue to maintain a dialogue with emergency service providers in the construction zone and fine tune response throughout the project,” said Chris Jensen, of the Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services.


For more information regarding this project, please call the New York State Thruway Authority’s Public Information Office at (845) 918-2506. 


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