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Supervisor Gromack and Town Board to Host ‘Greening Clarkstown’ Event


Supervisor Gromack and Town Board to Host ‘Greening Clarkstown’ Event


On Thursday, April 23, 2009 the Town of Clarkstown will host its first free energy conference, called ‘Greening Clarkstown’, at Town Hall, 10 Maple Avenue, New City.  The event will be the first conference of this kind hosted by a municipality in Rockland County.


The event, which is held as part of the country’s Earth week celebration, will start at 7pm with a panel of speakers on various energy related topics followed by an exhibit of different companies and agencies with informational booths and free giveaways.


“We want to make Clarkstown residents aware of tangible ways they can save energy and reduce their energy costs,” said Supervisor Alex Gromack.  “This is an opportunity for residents to come to a central location to learn how energy conservation and environmental awareness can benefit them and how the Town has actively pursued energy saving initiatives.”  


The Town of Clarkstown has commissioned energy audits of all town facilities and is implementing changes as necessary and feasible.  The Town uses green cleaning products, purchased 6 hybrid vehicles, and 10% of energy consumed by the Town comes from wind and solar.  Last year, the Town Board has also passed a new building code that requires Energy Star standards for all new residential construction.  


At the event, residents will be able to explore and discuss solar energy, recycling, tax incentives from the state, how to make homes more energy efficient and the benefits to conserving electricity and gas.


“Everybody talks about being green.  We want our residents to come and discuss the numerous ways that are possible right in their own homes or in their businesses, utilizing local organizations and businesses that can help them go green,” said Supervisor Gromack.


Councilman John Maloney said, “If we don’t take greening seriously now, we will be endangering the environment for our town and the future of our children.”


Councilwoman Shirley Lasker said, “I am very excited that the Town is hosting its first annual energy conference.  I invite everyone who is interested in the effects of climate change and energy conservation as well as learning how to save money in this severe economic climate to join us.  We welcome your participation and involvement in this event so that we can move forward to meet the environmental challenges we face in the Town.  This event is an extension of the work the Town Board has been doing in collaboration with the Clarkstown Energy Conservation Committee.”


Councilman Frank Borelli said, “We are excited about providing this energy forum for the residents of the Town.  Through this event and the Town’s green initiatives we hope to bring awareness to the importance of ‘going green’ for our environment.  We also want to highlight the many projects the Town Board has supported that promote environmental awareness in Town Hall.”


Councilman George Hoehmann said, "I am delighted that Clarkstown is taking a leadership role in the region by passing legislation and taking additional steps to go green.  These steps along with this energy forum will be an opportunity for residents to learn ways to not only save money but protect the environment, so it is a win for all of Clarkstown."


Sponsors for the event include: the Town of Clarkstown, Orange & Rockland Utilities, ShopRite of New City, DeCicco’s Marketplace of New City and United Water. 


For more information, please visit the town’s website at


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