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Supervisor Gromack and the Town Board to

Supervisor Gromack and the Town Board to

Cut $1 Million from the 2009 Town Budget

In continuing efforts to help stabilize taxes


(New City) Faced with a bleaker economic forecast for the nation and state in late 2009 and 2010, Supervisor Alex Gromack and the Town Board are undertaking aggressive measures to continue securing fiscal stability in the Town of Clarkstown.  After an early review of this year’s budget, Supervisor Gromack is cutting $1 million dollars in personnel expenses and various operational costs, while taking other cost saving initiatives. 


“Since I became Supervisor, I committed myself to reducing the cost of government by conducting periodic reviews of every department’s operational budget,” said Supervisor Gromack.  “So far this year, we found we will be able to make substantial cuts while still providing quality services to our residents.” 


Clarkstown will save $520,000 dollars in personnel costs, including salary and benefits, through consolidation, freezing certain positions and eliminating others.  Specifically, the Town is consolidating a vacancy in the Justice Court, and placing a hiring freeze on a position in each of the following departments, Highway Department, Maintenance Department and Police Department.  As part of their continuing cost reducing efforts, Supervisor Gromack and the Town Board will review every position that becomes vacant in all the Town’s department’s to evaluate whether the Town can consolidate the position, eliminate it or place a hiring freeze on the position.  Since becoming Supervisor, Gromack has eliminated or consolidated almost 20 positions in Town Hall.


“Every family looks at how and where it spends money.  The Town does the same,” said Gromack.  “This year we are increasing efforts to analyze how things are done, how much it costs, and the personnel that is required.”  


In addition to personnel savings, the Town is undertaking a debt management initiative by refinancing more than $3.5 million worth of bonds, saving the Town $146,000 in debt financing costs this year.  Over the course of the next several years, the Town will save approximately $250,000 in debt financing costs. 


As part of the sale of the waste transfer station in West Nyack, Supervisor Gromack also re-negotiated terms of the agreement to reduce the Town’s municipal solid waste fees once the agreement is signed, will result in $135,000 of savings in the 2009 budget. 


“The renegotiation of the fee allows our municipal departments to bring a certain amount of waste to the facility at no charge,” said Gromack.  “Prior to this agreement, we were paying a tip fee like any other private entity.”


The Supervisor is also directing all the Town’s departments to reduce various operational costs in equipment, supplies, materials and fees for services that will further save $200,000.


“I want to assure the people of Clarkstown that this Town Board and I will continue to work at reducing the cost of government while keeping those services intact that make Clarkstown one of the best places to live,” said Gromack.  “We have to take the challenges of the year ahead and change them into opportunities.” 



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