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Supervisor Gromack Announces Installation of Life Saving Defibrillators at Town Hall

Supervisor Gromack Announces Installation of Life Saving Defibrillators at Town Hall


Supervisor Alex Gromack has announced that the Town of Clarkstown has installed two automated external defibrillators (AED).  An AED is a machine that is used to shock a victim's heart that has stopped beating or is beating too quickly to create a pulse and restore the heart's normal rhythmic patterns. 


Supervisor Gromack said, "State and federal buildings are required to have AEDs so it is imperative that the town, although not required by law, have these same life saving machines.  We have many residents and employees doing business in town hall all hours of the day and we have to be prepared to handle this type of an emergency."    


The AEDs were installed in the Auditorium and meeting Room 301.  Six town employees have received AED/CPR training from two American Red Cross certified instructors, who are also town employees. 


Town Safety Manager, John Coyle said, "We have installed the defibrillators in two central locations because that is where the most people congregate.  These two rooms are always kept open and they are easily accessible within the building."


According to the American Heart Association, each year sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) claims the lives of more than 250,000 Americans before they reach a hospital.  Today the chance of survival from SCA is less than 5 percent.  Some people confuse SCA with a heart attack.  With a heart attack, caused by blockage of the arteries, the victim feels severe chest pains but almost always remains conscious; however, SCA victims lose consciousness.


Supervisor Gromack said "We are fortunate to have 6 employees in town hall that are certified to use the new AED machines and 2 American Red Cross certified instructors in the Parks and Recreation Department.  I hope to have even more employees trained and I encourage all residents to learn CPR."  


Supervisor Gromack concluded, "We are taking a proactive approach by installing these AEDs to increase the chances of survival for people with heart related emergencies.  Our Police Officers already have portable AED's in their patrol cars and we are looking into the possibility of getting defibrillators for our community centers."


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