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Clarkstown Announces Update on Monitoring

of Noise and Dust at Tilcon, West Nyack



Supervisor Alex Gromack has announced that the third round of tests for the Tilcon-West Nyack Quarry is complete.  The Town has an agreement with an independent engineering group to monitor dust and noise, collect daily weather data and provide a summary of findings associated with mining operations at Tilcon.  Tilcon had previously agreed to reimburse the town for the costs of these field tests.  The first field monitoring program was administered in October 2006 and the second in September 2007.   


During the week of December 17, 2007, noise and dust monitoring was conducted again at various locations in proximity to the Tilcon West Nyack site.  The most recent report concludes that the maximum noise levels were reduced at all five residential locations.  The frequency of noise levels above the county decibel standard went down from 88% to 50% at the Crusher Road location, from 88% to 75% at the Casper Hill Road location and from 63% to 25% at the Tamar Drive and Storms Road location.  Therefore the average of the noise levels above the county decibel standard was reduced for all 5 homes.  In addition, a comparison to the previous dust study conducted in October 2006 and September 2007 indicates significantly lower dust levels for the more recent monitoring period. 


Supervisor Gromack said, "We are pleased to see improvements in noise levels in the residential areas and a decrease in dust levels; however, there is still more progress to be made.  The town will meet with our independent engineering firm and Tilcon to review testing procedures and possible modifications." 


Under an agreement with the town the following improvements have been made by Tilcon: the dust control system was upgraded, all conveyors on the finish side of the plant have been covered, a new larger water truck is in service for dust control, all screens have been changed from wire to rubber, crusher plates have been changed from steel to ceramic, one of the buildings was completely insulated with noise reduction panels, and one of the crushers was enclosed with a noise mitigation structure.  Tilcon also obtained a building permit from the town for the renovation of the Storms Road house and has started work on the interior and exterior of the home.    


Tilcon is finalizing plans to relocate the plant below ground level.   In December 2007, they submitted a formal application to the Planning Board for the new entrance road, which will reduce traffic, and further construction of a berm, which will mitigate noise and improve the appearance surrounding the plant.  Their application is going through the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Planning Board process.


Supervisor Gromack said, "We feel it is important for Tilcon to continue to address any residential concerns resulting from their mining operation.  The agreement we reached with Tilcon specifies a timeline with goals and we will continue to monitor that."


Another round of monitoring dust and noise at the quarry will be conducted later this year.


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