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Gromack Calls for Interstate Authority

Gromack Calls for Interstate Authority

 To Tackle Hackensack River Flooding


Clarkstown Supervisor, Alexander J. Gromack wants New York and New Jersey to form a Hackensack River Watershed Authority to tackle the long standing flooding problems along the river.  “If we really want to solve the flooding problem along the Hackensack,” said Gromack, “we need to do it on an interstate level. The River starts in the Town of Ramapo and travels through the Towns of Clarkstown and Orangetown in Rockland County and then through a number of New Jersey municipalities until it reaches Newark Bay. We won’t solve the flooding problem unless we look at the entire Watershed and develop a comprehensive flood prevention program.”


Gromack stated that Clarkstown has already expended or committed about $5 million in flood prevention projects related to the Hackensack and is projecting future expenditures of another $8 million. “I’m sure other towns and villages along the river have also spent significant amounts of money trying to solve their flooding problems. As successful as some of these efforts might be, without a comprehensive and coordinated plan, we’re just responding to a regional problem with local solutions. That approach doesn’t work when it comes to flood prevention.”


Gromack ‘kicked off’ his campaign by sending letters to both N.Y. Governor Spitzer and N.J. Governor Corzine, Senators Clinton and Schumer, Representatives Lowey and Engel, State Senator Morahan, Members of Assembly Zebrowski and Jaffee, County Executive Vanderhoef, Chair of the Legislature, Harriet Cornell and his fellow supervisors, St. Lawrence and Kleiner urging their support for the creation of a Hackensack River Watershed Authority. Gromack said he will be mailing similar letters urging support for the creation of the Authority to public officials in New Jersey as well.


“New York and New Jersey have formed interstate authorities in the past. The Port Authority and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission are just two examples of how both states have recognized and successfully dealt with issues that impact them both. The flooding along the Hackensack River is a problem that won’t go away. Last April’s storm caused flooding that impacted hundreds of people in Clarkstown. Their homes were flooded. Their lives were disrupted,” said Gromack  




“The devastation and flooding wasn’t restricted to Clarkstown. Every village and town that borders the Hackensack River has a very real stake in this issue. An interstate Authority will have the political clout and legislative ability to pull together the resources of state governments and federal agencies. Solving the long term flooding problems will require a long term commitment and long term planning. It can’t be a one shot deal or a quick fix,” said Gromack.


Gromack added “This is a big job. It will take a lot of planning and a lot of effort. That’s why I’m convinced and hope to convince others that an authority is the best way to go and the sooner we get going the sooner the job will be done.”  


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