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"Leaf Facts"

  • Unfortunately leaves fall about the same time at every household and the Town has a large territory to cover to collect them all within a six week period of time before the winter season.  During each pick up round, some routes will be picked up first and some routes will be last on the schedule.  To be fair we rotate the schedule.

  • Streets are grouped by routes. 
    • Periodically check your street listing in this website to keep up with the pickup schedule for your street if you want to plan for the least amount of time your leaves sit curbside. 

    • We may be on the next street, but that street may not be on your route.  Check the route listing for all of the streets on your route.
  • The Highway Department will update the website schedule whenever there is a change.  Changes happen due to bad weather such as heavy rain, snow and wind and other unforeseen delays resulting in the work force to tend to other higher priority work such as snow removal, fallen trees that block the road and stream blockages.

  • You should inform your landscaper of the dates for your road and the website as well.  We appreciate that you pay good money for a fall clean up.  Use this schedule to coordinate your fall clean up.

  • Did you know that it takes two good frost cycles to get the leaves to drop from most trees?

  • Biodegradable leaf bags – are picked up using a two-man crew and a compactor (garbage truck).  Bagged leaves are picked up more frequently so their pick up is not on the loose leaf schedule.
    • Biodegradable leaf bags are available – in limited supply – in Town Hall, the Highway Department and the various Town Community Centers.

    • Plastic bags are not acceptable.  Plastic doesn’t biodegrade and can not be mixed in with the leaves at the composting facility.
  • Keep leaves off of the road!  For the safety of our children, school bus drivers, and the population at large – please do not pile loose or bagged leaves on the road, street corners, at school bus stops, near fire hydrants, or near storm drains.

  • The yard waste program is suspended during leaf pick up.  Please don’t mix brush, twigs, branches or grass clippings in with leaves. 




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