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August 5, 2014 – 8:00 pm

Town Hall Auditorium











PH-1     Proposed Local Law entitled:  “A Local Law Amending Chapter 290 (Zoning) of the Town Code of the Town of Clarkstown with Respect to Maximum Building Height for Senior Housing and AAR Zoning Districts”


PH-2     Continuation:  Proposed Local Law entitled: “Amendment to Chapter 290 (Zoning) of the Code of the Town of Clarkstown and the Town Zoning Map with Respect to Commercial Office and Commercial Office Support”


PH-3     Application of St. John’s Episcopal Church for a Special Permit to Conduct a Child Day Care Center



(Limited to 3 minutes per person)




  1.  Accepting Minutes of July 2, 2014 Town Board Meeting, as submitted by the Town Clerk.


  1. Authorizing the following Personnel Changes:
    a)  Resignation: Catherine Nowicki, Economic Development Specialist (P/T)
    b)  Resignation (Retirement):  Raymond McIvor, Senior Groundsworker, Parks & Recreation
    c)  Resignation (Retirement):  Robert Lynn, Police Officer, Police Department
    d)  Resignation (Retirement):  Christopher Goodyear, Police Sergeant, Police Department
    e)  Resignation (Retirement):  Lorraine McGrath, Police Officer (Det), Police Department
    f)  Resignation:  Rabbi Jeffrey  Abraham, Member, Board of Ethics
    g)  Appointment (Temporary):  Corry Doyle, Police Officer, Police Department
    h)  Appointment (Temporary):  Kyle McKiernan, Police Officer, Police Department
    i)   Appointment (Temporary):  Shaun Weaver, Police Officer, Police Department
    j)   Appointment (Temporary):  Timothy Woolley, Police Officer, Police Department
    k)  Sick Leave of Absence: Mariann Kilduff, Municipal Bus Driver, Mini Trans Department
    l)   Leave of Absence: Gregory Barra, Auto Mechanic & Body Repairer, Town Garage
    m) Reappointment:  Brian Tesseyman, Member, Parks Board & Recreation Commission
    n)  Reappointment:  Edward Bertolino, Member, Parks Board & Recreation Commission
    o)  Reappointment:  Mark Maraia, Member, Zoning Board of Appeals.

p)  Sick Leave of Absence: Nicholas Massa, Motor Equipment Operator II, Highway Department

q)  Reappointment:  Edward J. Guardaro, Member, Zoning Board of Appeals

r)  Resignation: Darcy Casteleiro, Member, Historical Review Board

s)  Appointment:  Darcy Casteleiro, Member, Zoning Board of Appeals


  1. Authorizing an Agreement with Henningson, Durham & Richardson Architecture & Engineering, P.C. for Excavation and Off-Site Disposal of Fill Materials at Certain Property Located at 139/141 Massachusetts Avenue, Congers, New York.


  1. Authorizing Preparation of a Preliminary Appraisal for a Tax Certiorari Matter regarding TMCD Realty Corp. (Tax Map No. 51.11-4-73)


  1. Waiving Notice Requirement in Section 64 of the New York State ABC Law with Respect to a Liquor License for BJ’s Restaurant Operations Company d/b/a BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse (1119 Fashion Drive, Nanuet)


  1. Authorizing the following Agreements:
    a)  County of Rockland for Reimbursement for Police Attendance at the 2014 NYS Tactical
         Officers Conference under the LETPP Homeland Security Grant Program.
    b)  Board of Education of Rockland BOCES for the School Resource Officer Program for the
         2014-2015 School Term
    c)  Supervisor and Chief of Police – Agreement with the County of Rockland regarding STOP-
         DWI Funds.

  2. Reporting Resolution for Elected and Appointed Officials


  1. Accepting deed for road widening for Barry Donohue Subdivision



9.      Authorizing the Director of DEC to retain the services of a contractor to replace an existing drain line at the intersection of Old Brick Road and Red Hill Road, New City


10.   Awarding Bids

a)  13A-2013:  Audible pedestrian signals and detectors with tactile arrows and locator tones on

      North Main Street at Cavalry Drive and Squadron Boulevard, New City

b)  10-2014:  2014 Roadway Resurfacing

c)  11-2014:  2014 Concrete Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program

d)  15-2014:  Pump Station Upgrades at Route 9W, Congers; Laurel Road, Central Nyack; and   

      Forest Brook Road, Nanuet  

e)  20A-2014: Crum Creek Road low flow channel replacement

f)  22-2014:  Stream Channel Improvements – 201 Bardonia Road

g)  23-2014:  Fanwood Lane/Branchville Road Drainage Improvements

h)  24-2014:  Jolliffe Lane/Ohio Avenue Drainage Improvements

i)  25-2014:  Hamlet Streetscape Lighting Fixtures – Congers, Valley Cottage & Nanuet

j) 19-2014:  Massachusetts Avenue Debris Removal


  1. Authorizing Accepting Funds and Amending Budget


12.   Setting a Public Hearing on a proposed Local Law entitled, “Term Limits – Chapter 263 of the Code of the Town of Clarkstown”


13.   Authorizing the Supervisor to enter into a Lease Agreement/License with United Water New York, Inc. regarding the Emergency Storage Facility


  1. Authorizing the Supervisor to execute an agreement with the County of Rockland with respect to Community Development Block Grant program funding for the year 2014


15.   Setting a Public Hearing for September 9, 2014 to consider the designation of a Historic Site:  Traphagen property | Traphagen and Vanderbilt Budke Homes


  1. Authorizing the installation of a “Do Not Block Intersection” sign on southeast corner of Snake Hill Road at the intersection of Crusher Road, West Nyack


  1. Authorizing the installation of two “Dog Waste Prohibited” signs  on Crestwood Drive and Tor View Avenue, New City


  1. Authorizing the installation of street lights at Burda Lane and at Foxburn Street in New City


  1. Accepting Proposal for Engineering Services for application for FEMA letter of Map Revision Demarest Mill Stream, West Nyack


20.   Adopting a Determination of Significance under the provisions of 6NYCRR Part 617 SEQR for the Emergency Storage Facility


21.   Authorizing Funds:

a)      Construction of various drainage improvements on Fanwood Lane/Branchville Road, Jolliffee Lane/Ohio Avenue, Bardonia Road and Crum Creek Road

b)      Installation of Hamlet Streetscape Lighting Fixtures in Congers, Valley Cottage and Nanuet

c)      Remediation of premises at 139 Massachusetts Avenue, Congers


22.   Installation of “No Parking Here to Corner” signs on both sides of Park Terrace, New City


23.   Accepting Proposal for Engineering Services for Klein Avenue Levee Improvements, West Nyack


24.   Authorizing the purchase of parcels of property for the West Nyack Downtown Revitalization Project

a)      716 and 718 West Nyack Road, West Nyack

b)      4A Phillips Lane, West Nyack



General Public Comments:

(Limited to 3 minutes per person)


Executive Session:

To discuss personnel issues relating to pending re-allocation requests.



Additional items may be added to this agenda


***To View Actual Resolutions, go to Town Clerk’s Website, Click on Legal Matters***


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