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October 25, 2016, 8:00 pm

                                                     Town Hall Auditorium












  • Little League Tournament Champions – Clarkstown’s  Nanuet “Crimson Tide”


  • Nanuet Little League 11-Year Old Softball . . .

-          Rockland County Champions

-          Hudson Valley Champions

-          NYS Runner Up


  • In recognition of their courageous act of going above and beyond to help a co-worker:
    Joe Donovan - Rob Gaglione - Ray Bonelli - Steve Peters




PH-1    Cancellation of Public Hearing concerning the Petition of 9W Valley Cottage LLC for Use of
             Town Law 280-a(2).   (Petition Withdrawn).


PH-2    Adjournment of a Public Hearing on a Proposed Local Law entitled “A Local Law Amending
            Chapter 18 (Code of Ethics) of the Code of the Town of Clarkstown”    (
adjourned to
Nov. 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm)


PH-3    Proposed Local Law entitled:  “A Local Law Amending the Chapter 290 (Zoning) of the Town
             Code of the Town of Clarkstown with Respect to Table 12 (General Bulk Regulations.)


 (Limited to 3 minutes per person)





1.   Accepting the Town Board Minutes of September 20, 2016 and September 27, 2016, as submitted by the Town Clerk.


2.   Setting a Public Hearing on a proposed local law entitled:  “A Local Law Amending Chapter 109 (Building Construction Administration) of the Code of the Town of Clarkstown regarding Building Permits”.   (Nov. 9, 2016)


3.   Authorizing improvements to the Town Hall Courtyard and “911” Memorial.


4.   Authorizing funds for the construction and improvements to the “911” Memorial and Courtyard adjacent to Town Hall (not to exceed $98,000.)


5.      Authorizing the Supervisor to enter into the following “Adopt-a-Road” Programs:
a)  Aldan Press – 0.9 mile segment of  Ludvigh Road, Bardonia
     Route 304 – Middletown  Road.
b)  Danny Clapp Landscaping – 1.57 mile segment of Brewery Road, New City
      to intersection of Strawtorn Road, New City
c)  Paramount Country Club – 1.2 mile segment of Zukor Road
     No. Main Street and Old Route 304 to So. Mountain Road, New City
d)  Plastic-Craft Products Corp. - .10 mile segment of Doscher Avenue from Western
     Highway to Route 59E,
e)  John Wall Insurance & Bonding – 0.2 mile segment of  W. Nyack Road, West Nyack
    from  # 440 West  Nyack Rd to Demarest Avenue  ~and~  0 .44 mile segment of  Demarest
    Avenue  West Nyack Road to Strawtown Road, West Nyack
f)  American Legion Wm. E. DeBevoise, Jr. Post No. 1682
     0.1 mile segment of American Legion  Way, from Congers Road to Route 304
g)  Head Start of Rockland – 0.5 mile segment of Second Avenue between Lawrence Street
     and One Head Start Circle, Nanuet
h)  New City Volunteer Ambulance Youth Corps – 0.38 segment of Goebel Road from
     Congers Road to Route 304, New City

i)  Curti’s Landscaping, Inc. – 0.3 mile segment of Demarest Mill Road – from Route 304 to
     West Nyack Road, Nanuet

j)  Steve Weiss Landscaping Inc. & Snowplowing – 1.28 mile segment of Old Mill Road from
     Fulle Drive to Kings Highway, Valley Cottage.

k) Clarkstown Central School District – 0.4 mile segment of  Old Mill Road from Strawtown
     Road to Snake Hill Road, West Nyack

l)  Impact Property Services, Inc. – 0.41 mile segment of Casper Hill Road from Crusher Road    

     to Route 303, Valley Cottage  ~and~ 0.44 mile segment of Demarest Mill Road from
     Germonds Road to dead end of  Demarest Mill Road, West Nyack

m) Housecraft, Inc. – 0.5 mile segment of Cairnsmuir Lane from Congers Road to

      Strawtown Road, New City

n)  Koenig Management, Ltd. – 0.20 mile segment of Cavalry Drive from  No. Main Street to
     Route 304, New City

o)  Dr. Paul M. Lentini, D.C., C.C.S.P. – 0.7 mile segment of Bardonia Road – from Route 304
     to Germonds Road, Bardonia

p) Tilcon New York, Inc. – 0.4 segment of Old Mill Road – from Tilcon’s driveway to Snake
     Hill Road Bridge, West Nyack

q)  Woodmont Day Camp – 0.48 segment of Overlook Boulevard from Smith Road to
     Clarkstown Road, New City
r)  Clarkstown Sunrise Rotary Club – 0.6 mile segment of West Nyack Road from Route 304
     to west end of St. Anthony’s Church, Nanuet

6.   Authorizing funds for the acquisition of  large format scanner/plotter printing equipment.  (Estimated maximum cost - $16,700)





7.   Authorizing the Supervisor to enter into the following Agreements:
a)  Verizon New York – Pole Attachment for Municipal Street Lighting 
annual fee of  $5.19 per pole)
b)  Nyack Hospital – Employee Assistance Program 
($20,560.00 /year)
c)  Authorizing an Agreement with H2M Architects + Engineers to provide professional
    Architectural and Engineering services to prepare a sub-division map for the
    J. Owens Building Co., Inc. property located at 23 Sickletown Road, West Nyack
    (Map, Block & Lot #64.08-3-30) – not to exceed  $5,200.00
d. E-Websity, Inc. d/b/a – Registraton and Payment Management Software
    (implementation & one-year subscription – not  to exceed  $17,297


8.   Amending Resolution  #422-2016  - FBI Sniper School  (not to exceed $2,237.00 – includes additional cost of  $347.00)


9.   Authorizing the Installation of a “Stop Sign” at the intersection of Parma Drive and Mayfield
Street, Valley Cottage.


10.  Granting Approval for J. Owens Building Co., Inc. two-lot subdivision and authorizing the Supervisor to sign final subdivision map.


11.  Amending Resolution  #119-2016 authorizing an Amendment to an Agreement with DeBruin Engineering, P.C. for professional engineering services concerning Germonds Park Pool Facility improvements.


12.  Amending Resolution No. 136-2016 for Improvements in the Traphagen House
not to exceed $26,500.00)


13.  Granting the following Certificates of Registration:
16-35 – Paving Solutions, Inc.
16-36 – Angel Landscaping, Inc.


14.  Authorizing the Purchasing Agent to Advertise for the following:

a)       Bid #18-2016 – Rental of Trucks w/Operators – Clarkstown Highway Department

b)       Bid   #1-2017 -  Athletic and Recreation Supplies

c)       Bid   #2-2017 – Fireworks Display

d)       Bid   #3-2017 – Pool Chemicals

e)       Bid   #4-2017 – Athletic Field and Turf Maintenance

f)        Bid   #5-2017 – Groundskeeping and Landscape Supplies

g)       Bid   #6-2017 -  First Aid / Safety Supplies

h)       Bid   #7-2017 – Operation of Food & Refreshment Concession Stands at Town Parks

i)         Bid   #8-2017 – Work Clothing

j)         Bid   #9-2017 – Highway Signing and Road Maintenance Supplies


15.  Authorizing the following Personnel Changes:
a)  Resignation (Retirement):  John F. Walsh, Plumbing Inspector, Building Department
b)  Reinstatement: John F. Walsh (Part-Time) Plumbing Inspector, Building  Department
c)  Resignation:  Nicole DeFeo, Substitute Crossing Guard, Police Department
d)  Leave of Absence:  Laura Gilroy, Comptroller’s Office

  e)  Reappointment: Douglas Katz, Member, Parks Board & Recreation Commission

 f)  Appointment:  Rita Kelly, Member, Parks Board & Recreation Commission

 g) Amending Res. #437-2016: Sean Jordan – (change in salary $77,217 to $77,177)


16.  Authorizing Partial Refund of Building Permit Fee in the amount of  $4,032.00 for “not for profit” property  (tax map #44.14-1-31)

17.  Authorizing Settlement of Tax Certiorari regarding Nejman Family Trust (64.18-3-13)  total cost to Town - $295.43


18.  Amending Resolution #75-2015 (Purchase of Town’s Street Lighting System) 
- not to exceed $658,585 plus transfer and sales taxes


19.  Authorizing Amending the Budget.









(Limited to 3 minutes per person)















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